Fulfil your potential at AvivaThink you need a degree to get ahead? Think again. If you’re ambitious, keen to learn and eager to move forward quickly, an apprenticeship could be the answer. It could be the perfect opportunity to make an impact in more ways than one.Our apprentices take on real projects the moment they arrive. They learn the ins and outs of our business while earning a proper salary and achieving proper qualifications. Most of all, they’re part of a friendly, supportive team of like-minded people.

What we’re looking forYou’ll enjoy helping others. And you’ll be keen to help yourself too – well, your career – by learning new skills and studying for a professional qualification (with the costs covered by us). But most of all, we’re looking for diverse personalities; for individuals of all ages (our oldest apprentice is 68) and from all backgrounds. Different talents, perspectives and ideas are always welcomed. This is an environment where you really can just be yourself.

Technology apprenticeshipsLead the charge towards a more modern, connected world. Join a Technology Apprenticeship and you’ll be the force pushing us forward and keeping us on our toes. Not to mention you’ll get supported and paid as you work and develop.

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What to expectThere’ll be plenty to get your teeth into – not least because we want you to feel inspired right from the word go. We’ll start you off on a competitive salary and, as you grow, so will your pay packet. We’ll cover the costs of your professional qualification studies too. And at the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll move into another permanent role with as much ongoing training as you can handle.

Studying for qualificationsAll of our apprentices get to study for useful qualifications. These range from Level 3 (which is equivalent to A-levels) all the way up to Level 7 (which is equivalent to a Master’s degree). They cover a whole host of specialisms, including accountancy, insurance, data analysis, legal, compliance and leadership.

All of the teaching happens during the working week and you’ll get study leave too so you have time to complete your coursework and prepare for exams. We think it’s important that you can enjoy life outside of work too, rather than having to burn the candle at both ends. The studying doesn’t have to stop when your apprenticeship ends either. Some of our apprentices go on to study for further qualifications like MBAs.

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Three years inBy this point, you'll have your professional qualification. This won't be the end of your development tough - that is ongoing. But it is the time to stop thinking about what you do next. With the help of your manager and mentor, you'll start to plan your career goals.