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The world is constantly changing and we’re always thinking about what’s next. Can you help us build the technologies and innovations of tomorrow? Siemens UK is a digital pioneer focusing on the areas of electrification and automation. We partner with our customers to unleash their business potential using our energy-efficient, resource-saving technology and digital know-how. From digitalization to automation, we’re changing the cities you live in and the places you work. We really are here, there and everywhere. Being part of Siemens lets you solve complex challenges, every day. Building an ingenious future and solving the world’s challenges relies on a diverse mix of people, ideas and opinions, which is why we believe that diversity sparks ideas. Find out more below, we have opportunities for everyone...

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Electrical Engineer

Feasibility Analyzer and Idea Generator.

Without electricity, our world of devices, machines, and systems would stand still. Our Electrical engineers get them up and running. In this process, they enjoy thinking outside of the box, are open to new things, and curious about the latest trends. Join our team and become a contributor to the design of new products that will change the world of tomorrow!

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Commissioning Engineer

Enthusiastic Technicians with Depth.

Our commissioning engineers travel around the world turning existing technology into technology of the future. They depend on their own skills and knowledge, but also on a global network of colleagues. Complex systems? Major projects? All a matter of course – as is the freedom to decide personally which solution is best for which customer. Join our team to follow paths that bring us all forward.

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Mechanical Engineer

Smart Tappers of Potential.

Every day, mechanical engineers expand our world anew.
But there is more to their ideas for machines and systems than just construction, simulation, and validation: they play a decisive role in shaping the technology of the future by always keeping their eye on the bigger picture. When you join our team, we give you a healthy serving of trust and responsibility, as well as the chance to work across international borders. So you can keep your finger on the pulse of the times.

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Service Engineer

Listener, Understander, Doer.

Customers around the world trust in our products. And service engineers significantly contribute to that. You are the first on the scene to solve any technical problem. You are a competent adviser, team player, and make things possible. “Unsolvable” is a foreign term, and you don’t do “unfair.” Your focus on the customers’ needs makes you an invaluable partner. When you join our team, you will reach one hundred percent in your career.

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Engineering Articles from:

At Siemens, we are working together to make our workplace diverse and inclusive, where everyone has equal opportunity and their contribution is valued. True ingenuity happens when individuals, with a broad range of opinions, perspectives and ideas are brought together. The articles below are from inspirational women sharing their experiences working at Siemens and why they love working here.

Meet Faye – Leading the way in Energy Solutions

"I believe women deserve to live and work as people first, rather than having to be seen through the lens of gender. Which is why I prefer to be seen as an 'engineer' first and foremost, rather than a ‘female engineer’. To get there, more change and inclusion is needed so we should keep celebrating our diversity knowing that our difference can be our strength, embracing the uniqueness and value that diversity in thought can bring"
Meet Faye – Leading the way in Energy Solutions
Meet Liv – Software Engineer in Digital Industries

From cogs to code... Liv is one of our software apprentices, working for Digital Industries in Manchester. In this question and answer session, Liv shares her experiences of progressing from school into industry and some of the twists and turns an engineering career can take.  
Meet Liv – Software Engineer in Digital Industries
Meet Chloe - Currently on the Graduate Engineer Scheme

When I started here at Siemens, I wondered “How the hell did I do that?, How did I, get onto the Siemens Graduate scheme?” They must see something in me that I have yet to see in myself. Either way I’m sure I am not the only one who may have thought this. Even so, I am extremely happy and grateful to be starting my engineering career with such an amazing company.
Meet Chloe- Currently on the Graduate Engineer Scheme

Some Inclusive Features at Siemens

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