Case study

Management Consultancy

The Challenge

This Management Consultancy supports a wide range of global businesses in areas such as Leadership, Organisational Effectiveness and Change, Strategy Development and Digital Strategy and Data but wanted assistance in moving their own organisational ED&I capabilities from a position of compliance led to leader-led. 

What We Did

Vercida Consulting were tasked with supporting this management consultancy to raise awareness of diversity, inclusion and equity and to build a future looking strategic plan supported by an ED&I operating model. 


  • Strategy Development: We are currently supporting the firm to conduct an ED&I strategy refresh. This project involves working with senior partners and others to re-define what ED&I means for them, placing equity at the centre of organisational thinking, covering areas such as hiring, workforce planning, equal pay and culture. A key aspect of our work to date has been supporting the firm to analyse gender pay gap data and to make recommendations on how to address any identified disparities. Additionally, as part of our work on refreshing the firm’s ED&I strategy, we have mapped out global best practice on reducing pay gaps, and built best practice into current thinking and approaches. 

  • Inclusion at Work Survey: To support the development of an effective ED&I strategic plan and to gain insight into the experiences of colleagues across both the UK and US, we devised a bespoke Inclusion at Work survey. This survey covered key themes such Workplace belonging, Empowerment, Fairness in Decision-Making and Workplace Opportunities. Results were analysed using an intersectional framework to ensure data could be assessed across different lines of diversity. 

  • Inclusive Leadership: To build both confidence and competence of ED&I amongst both UK and US based partners we have designed and facilitated a series of inclusive leadership workshops. These sessions focused on the role of partners as leads in making effective inclusive change happen and how leaders can adopt their behaviours to role model the principles of inclusive leadership for the purpose of creating a culture of inclusion for all. A key aspect of this programme was bias may creep into leadership decision-making and how partners can mitigate bias in key people areas such as hiring, project allocation, performance reviews and promotions. Following the inclusive leadership sessions all partners had a follow-up 1:1 coaching conversation which was designed to provide addition support for further reflection and drill down on partner actions. 

  • Unconscious bias and conscious inclusion training: Following this we designed and facilitated a series of workshops, initially covering Unconscious Bias and more latterly covering Conscious Inclusion. Aimed at consultants and business support colleagues the learning objectives of these programmes were to raise awareness of personal biases, consider how these impact our everyday interactions and critically offer very practical tips on how to ensure everyday behaviours promote the values of workplace inclusion, respect, and belonging.

The Impact

Using the Deloitte Model of Inclusion we have supported this organisation to evolve to a position where there is an emphasis on: 

  • ED&I being driven by partners
  • Removing systemic barriers in organisational thinking and decision-making
  • Reviewing talent systems to remove bias and to promote equitable outcomes

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