Case study

UK Athletics

The Challenge

  • To create a profile page for UK Athletics on our website
  • To advertise jobs over 
  • To increase awareness of UK Athletics diversity and inclusion initiatives through the products in our SME Ally recruitment package
  • To produce monthly reports on engagement

What We Did

After developing UK Athletics’ profile page, we began to post specialised jobs over Together with their profile page and job postings, we direct, create and edit diversity and inclusion themed blog posts to heighten their profile. We share these posts over our social media channels to increase engagement.

“Their roles are quite specialised. Last year they focused on female officials, so we put out stories around them and targeted our audience using social media boosts,” said Stephen Anderson, Account Manager at VERCIDA.

                                                          Donna Fraser, Equality, Diversity and Engagement Lead at UK Athletics talks VERCIDA

The Impact

The Impact so far: 

  • 17982 profile views 
  • 66 articles posted
  • 42650 article views
  • 77 jobs posted 
  • 132 job applications 

“I’m absolutely happy with how we are working with VERCIDA. The partnership has worked very well since 2017 and our account manager is always on the ball. 

“For me it’s that client management aspect; the one to one bespoke service VERCIDA provide for us has been brilliant.  We arrange monthly catch ups to ensure we are addressing any occurring trends so we can make positive interventions. 

"Athletics is quite unique because we have the most diverse profile compared with other sports,” said Donna Fraser, Equality, Diversity & Engagement Lead at UK Athletics.

UK Athletics are a national governing body who oversee all athletics events in the UK. 

As a governing body, they are wholly responsible for developing and implementing the rules and regulations of the sport. 

This can include everything from their major event series, to British teams, right through to Clean Athletics, health and safety, facilities and welfare, training and education for coaches, and officials and permitting and licensing.

The organisation has been working with VERCIDA since July 2017 and continue to work with us through our SME Ally recruitment package.

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