Bespoke landing page

Want to draw more attention to your D&I job posting? By creating your own bespoke landing page, supported with a programme of digital advertising, you can widen the opportunity for a more diverse range of job-seekers to see your advertisement.

Let our team create a landing page on VERCIDAGROUP.COM that demonstrates your diverse and inclusive company environment. Using multimedia content you can show that you really care about having a diverse and inclusive workforce. Create videos and articles by individuals who already work in your business to prove you have a diverse culture that welcomes all.

By clearly demonstrating that you are not just looking for D&I candidates to tick a box or fulfil a quota you will encourage a wider variety of jobseekers to apply for positions in your organisation. Below are some examples of bespoke landing pages we have created for other companies.

A few examples from our clients campaign pages:


Networkrail bespoke landing page