Why are we Celebrating Women throughout March?

September 20, 2023

March is our Celebrating Women month and throughout we will be telling the inspirational stories of some of our client’s top female employees in a bid to promote gender equality in the workplace.

We spoke to our CEO and Founder, Morgan, and our Managing Director, Ben, about why VERCIDA has decided to take a month to celebrate women.

“Women make up 51% of the population but are woefully underrepresented in the workplace. Women are not represented in a fair and equal way because of discrimination.

“Ahead of the preparation of reporting on the gender pay gap in April we decided to take this month to celebrate women and shine a light on the discrimination many women still face in the workplace. It’s also International Women’s Day on the 8th and Mother’s Day on the 22nd,” said Morgan.

During this month, we will be highlighting the achievements of some of the women that inspire us and looking back on some of the great females of the past.

“I generally feel that women are not given the appropriate credit for their achievements so we want to celebrate those successes. Wouldn’t we all prefer a world where our human side is catered for?” said Ben.

In April, every company of more than 250 employees must report on their gender pay gap. By building a culture of transparency, the idea around the reporting is to eventually close that gap.

When asked how businesses can close the gender pay gap Morgan said:

“By becoming more transparent we can help to close the gender pay gap and by employers not repeating traditional behaviours. You’re seeing a lot of companies being called out on their gender pay gap. By constantly discussing the pay gap we’ll highlight bad practise. We can also close the gap by understanding how men and women negotiate their salaries when they are either applying for a job or getting a pay rise within the organisation.”

At VERCIDA we work with over 200 companies that are working to improve diversity and inclusion within their businesses but we have to practise what we preach.

When asked about how VERCIDA work to be inclusive of female workers Morgan said:

“We’re a small enough business that we are aware of our biases. At VERCIDA we don’t do anything different for women than we do for men. In terms of flexible working etc. we take each case on an individual basis and we average people on merit. Given the nature of our work we have to be very clear about providing a balanced opportunity for everyone.”

At VERCIDA we offer flexible working to all employees and are passionate about the fact that this kind of working can benefit a vast array of people, not just working parents.

One problem that contributes to the gender equality issues is the lack of women in board level jobs. Until we see gender equality in higher up positions in companies, we will not see that filter down into the culture of those businesses.

“If you’ve got policies and proceedures that are male oriented they’re going to gravitate towards men. Having boards that have a good gender balance can ensure that policies and procedures within that organisation work across genders,” said Morgan.  

So why are there less women at board level and why exactly is there still a gender pay gap in the UK?

“Some of it is about confidence but some is about human traits. It’s about negotiation and sometimes if you are in a industry that’s been male dominated you may become subservient to it and not know your self-worth.

“Men will gamble higher amounts and win big, women tend to gamble less and win more often. I think it’s about understanding human behaviour and have a process that adjusts to that,” said Morgan.

By encouraging and embracing awareness around gender discrimination and the gender pay gap, businesses can contribute to closing the gap and promoting a fair working culture for all.

“This month is about looking further into the detail of what women have contributed because men took far too centre stage in the past. We are now finding our heroines by having celebrations like this and not allowing those great achievements by women of the past to be overlooked,” said Ben.

At VERCIDA, diversity and inclusion is in our DNA and this month we aim to promote and celebrate the inspiring women in our network. We hope you will help us do this by getting involved in our activities across March.

If you would like to put forward an inspiring woman from your business just get in touch with your account manager and we can book in an interview with our marketing team.