VERCIDA Training Programme

The Science and Psychology of Leadership

Programme Overview

Drawing on up-to-date research this new programme examines a leader's impact on team motivation, business innovation, trust and overall business performance.

Leadership in organisations matters. Both consciously and unconsciously a leader's behaviour and their decisions set the organisational culture. Leadership decision-making is critical when developing business strategy. Leadership behaviours are key to strategy implementation and stakeholder engagement. What we now know from social psychology and neuroscience is that leadership decision-making is governed by a range of cognitive biases.

Specifically aimed at mid-level and senior leaders, this programme takes a deep dive into the science and psychology of leadership. By doing so, its aim is to help leaders develop self-awareness for the purpose of making smarter and more inclusive decisions; the ultimate rewards being high performing teams.

This programme moves away from considering leadership as an art, to knowing that leadership is a combination of human psychology and neurology.

The course specifically focuses on:

  • The psychology of leadership decision-making
  • The psychology of employee motivation and performance
  • The psychology of team collaboration and innovation
  • The psychology of trust
  • The psychology of empowerment 
  • The psychology of belonging 

This programme uses case studies and group discussion to develop insight into team relationships.

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