VERCIDA Training Programme

Understanding Bias: 2.0: Mitigating Bias by Design

Programme Overview

Drawing on research from behavioural science, this programme seeks to move the inclusion agenda forward by focusing on system re-design.

Over the last few decades many global businesses have invested huge sums of money in awareness raising programmes. The aim of such training programmes is to change behaviour through raising awareness of the power of unconscious bias. Unlike some of the current mythology, our view, based on research, is that these programmes – when delivered in the right ways – can impact behaviours.

However, it’s fair to say that progress is painfully slow. That’s because to date businesses have been focusing on one side of the coin.

Drawing on new research from behavioural science, together with case studies from across the globe, this new programme aims to shift the diversity agenda forward by offering an evidenced based approach to system re-design. The objective here is to focus on what works when seeking to mitigate unconscious bias and promote inclusive work environments by re-designing the way decisions in business are made.

This evidenced based programme covers:

  • A 15 min refresher on the impact of unconscious bias on decision-making
  • What is behavioural design?
  • Fact from fiction – what actually works?
  • Behavioural design in talent management covering case studies on recruitment, performance management and other people management areas
  • The role of business norms and the impact on cultural change

This programme is supported by a number of tools and practical guides.

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