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VERCIDA Consulting have a simple mission: to transform the world of work into an inclusive, innovative and high performing environment.

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Developing a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Having a diversity & inclusion strategy is critical for any organisation seeking to set out their approach in these areas. VERCIDA Consulting have developed DIVE© - a diagnostic model designed to help organisations develop bespoke D&I strategies.

Diagnose: Where are you now? What does your business and industry data tell us?
Individual to you: What is the right strategy for your business?
The psychological and business damage of ‘covering’ and imposter syndrome at work.
Vision: What are your ambitions and aspirations? Where do you want to be in the future?
Evaluate: What measures can we build to review progress and evaluate success?

Inclusive Leadership Assessment Tool

Following years of research, VERCIDA Consulting have developed a unique inclusive leadership assessment tool. Designed as either a 360 degree assessment or an individual self-assessment, our tool is designed to assist leaders to work towards adopting the six leadership behaviours that promote inclusive leadership.

Inspire: Leaders who take every opportunity to promote inclusion
Integrity: Leaders who are open about their weaknesses as well as their strengths
Insight: Leaders who are keen to understand their own biases and the impact of this on others
Inquisitive: Leaders who pay attention to the unwritten organisational rules
Individuate: Leaders who encourage connectivity and belonging

Take5 Rapid Review and Audit

Our Take5 rapid reviews are designed to offer our clients a fast and efficient method for reviewing and assessing an existing policy, process or programme within a specific and immediate time-frame.

Stage 1: Agreement of outcomes to be achieved over the five day review period
Stage 2: Desk top review: Review of the policy, processes or programme under audit
Stage 3: Interviews with relevant and diverse stakeholders
Stage 4: Focus groups to ensure we get a 360 degree view from diverse groups
Stage 5: Report and findings: What areas are you excelling in and what do you need to change?

Inclusive Culture Assessment

VERCIDA Consulting have developed a unique inclusive culture assessment tool. This new, research-based tool helps organisations to move the dial on culture and inclusivity through an employee perception assessment.

Relationships and Openness